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Black Teas

Black tea is one of the prominent tea flavors around the world. While not actually “black” in color, once brewed, black tea will usually have a deep red or amber coloring depending on the concentration.

Compared to other popular teas, such as green tea or white tea, black tea is more oxidized, meaning it spends more time in the drying phase, which is where heat and humidity cure the leaves. Once the tea reaches a desired level of oxidation, the grower then dries the black tea leaves to stop oxidation. If we’re being technical, the defining factor between black tea and green tea is the amount of oxidation it goes through, as many growers will oxidize the same tea leaves at different intervals to produce the desired end product.

From a historical perspective, black tea holds its flavor much longer than other forms of tea, so it was the preferred type of tea for long-distance trade, and much of the reason why black tea is so popular in British tea culture. Black tea can have a wide range of flavors depending on the curing process and country of origin, but most black teas will have a bolder, more full-bodied flavor profile.

Our selection of black teas is based on high-quality versions of the popular British black tea blends. Flavors such as Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast and Darjeeling are made from quality growers in the world’s premium tea growing regions. Shop all our black tea below:

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