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Light Flavored Teas

Sometimes, you don’t want flavor to dominate your drinking experience. That’s why light flavored teas are a must-have in any cupboard. The “lightness” of a tea is determined by how many tannins it has when it is brewed. But it doesn’t stop there; the lightness of tea can be impacted during the brewing process. Even naturally light flavored teas can be turned into a more bold flavor by concentrating a brew.

To attain a light tea, you want to make sure of the following:

  1. You start with a naturally light tea such as a white tea, green tea or herbal tea
  2. You don’t overbrew
  3. You mix with the right ratio of water

For the most part, you’ll find that green, white and herbal teas make the best choice for those looking for a light flavor. Black, Oolong and other teas often have a more complex and bold flavor that light tea drinkers might not enjoy.

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