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Smooth Flavored Teas

Sometimes, you just want something to go down easy. A smooth flavor or taste allows you to easily enjoy consuming a beverage without experiencing taste fatigue. “Smoothness” is a sought-after flavor profile for bottled water manufacturers, brewers, distillers and - yes - tea makers.

A smooth tea is one that allows you to drink to excess without obliterating your tastebuds. These types of teas typically lack astringency, which is a dry, bitter taste left behind by the bark and leaves of tea trees and rinds of fruits. Unlike richness or lightness qualities, smooth flavor is quality that comes from the type of tea itself and how it was processed. Brewing techniques can have an impact on the smoothness of your tea, but it won’t be much. If you're looking for smooth teas, we recommend you try the following varieties: Assam, Decaf, English Breakfast, Scottish, Irish, Earl Grey, Ceylon, Fairtrade, Tea Room Blend, Yorkshire Red & Gold, and Pure Green Tea.

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